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Immediate Dentures, Everything You Need To Know

What are immediate dentures?

Immediate dentures are a way to restore your smile the same day as your tooth extractions. It’s an excellent option for avoiding any time without teeth.

What are the benefits of immediate dentures?

Immediate dentures have a few significant advantages, the most obvious being that you never have to been seen without teeth. Some other important advantages include:


Immediate dentures are easier to customize than other types of dentures because the Hunter's Denture Studio team views your original teeth and makes the dentures before extraction. This allows your denturist to create realistic prosthetics using your natural teeth as a guide.


Immediate dentures cover your newly exposed tooth sockets providing extra protection as they heal.


Immediate dentures help during your transition getting used to dentures. There is no waiting period as your mouth heals, as with complete dentures. Therefore, you won’t have to adjust to speaking and eating without teeth. With immediate dentures, it allows you to skip the awkward waiting period.

How do I maintain immediate dentures?

Immediate dentures often require more appointments than complete dentures because of mouth changes after tooth extraction. Hunter’s Denture Studio offers tissue conditioners while you are healing/changing. A tissue conditioner is a soft temporary liner that keeps you comfortable and your denture fitting snug while your mouth is going through final changes after extractions. The Hunter’s Denture Studio team is dedicated to your comfort, and they’re here to provide this service needed for optimal denture performance.

Just as with complete and partial dentures, you need to repair immediate dentures promptly if they get damaged. Also, it’s important to reline your dentures as recommended (usually, once every three to five years). The relining process builds up your denture base to help it fit your mouth comfortably.

For immediate dentures to maintain your smile without interruption, call Hunter’s Denture Studio to arrange your appointment today.

If you want to have your teeth extracted and to go home with a restored and functional smile the same day, immediate dentures are an optimal choice. At Hunter's Denture Studio in Spokane, Washington, Bryan Hunter, LD, and the skilled team of denture experts create immediate dentures so you can go home smiling. Book your appointment by calling the office now.

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