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Complete Dentures Explained

When do I need complete dentures?

Complete dentures are a tooth replacement option when you’ve lost all your natural teeth, or when your natural teeth need extraction due to extensive cavities or gum disease. For many, complete dentures are the most efficient and cost-effective way to replace a full mouth of teeth.

Are complete dentures stable and secure?

Yes. When you get complete dentures from Hunter’s Denture Studio, you get the benefit of many years of denture fabrication experience. The skilled team uses the latest state-of-the-art solutions to craft fully personalized dentures that fit your mouth comfortably.

The Hunter’s Denture Studio team uses impressions of your jaw to aid in the design of your custom dentures, giving you maximum stability. To add to stability, especially for the lower arch dentures that tend to move more, denture adhesive can be very helpful.

What should I do if my complete dentures feel loose?

If your complete dentures feel loose, you may need an adjustment or a denture reline to improve fit. Don’t hesitate to come into Hunter’s Denture Studio to get the correction you need promptly. Often, a minor change is all that is needed.

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