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Regular denture relines are a vital part of maintaining your dentures, and the Hunter’s Denture Studio team in Spokane, Washington, is here to simplify the process. Bryan Hunter, LD, and the experienced team can even perform one-day denture relines. Call the office to book an appointment or use the online scheduling tool.

Denture Relines Q&A

What is a denture reline?

A denture reline is a way to enhance the fit of your dentures. During the process, the Hunter's Denture Studio team takes an impression to reshape the underside of your dentures so they will sit properly on your gums. There are two kinds of denture relines: soft and hard.

Soft denture reline

In a soft denture reline, the Hunter's Denture Studio team applies heat-processed silicone material that stays soft permanently to the base of your denture to shape it uniquely to the contours of your mouth and stays elastic and bacteria free for years.

Hard reline

During a hard denture reline, the Hunter's Denture Studio team reshapes the base of a denture, much like with a soft reline. The difference is material is harder, lined with the same acrylic material dentures are made with.  

The Hunter’s Denture Studio team can help you decide what type of relining you need.

When do I need a denture reline?

A denture reline is often the best solution if your dentures are no longer fitting correctly. The denture reline doesn’t replace the denture base, but it does reshape it. There are several reasons for a denture reline, including:

Changes in your mouth

Your bone density and jaw structure change over time, and this affects the fit of your dentures. Sometimes, patients who have experienced dramatic weight changes need a denture reline due to changes in the mouth.

Denture wear

It’s normal for the denture base to gradually wear down over the years. A denture reline returns the base to its original dimensions. 

Basic denture maintenance

A denture reline is an integral part of routine denture maintenance. A regular schedule as recommended by your denturist at Hunter's Denture Studio can extend the lifespan considerably.

The Hunter's Denture Studio team recommends relines every three to five years on average. Denture relines are essential for both complete and partial dentures.

How long will my denture reline take?

Denture relines are generally a quick procedure. If you bring your dentures into Hunter's Denture Studio before 10 a.m., you can usually pick them up later that day. 

Book your denture reline appointment by calling Hunter's Denture Studio today.