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What To Expect With Denture Repair

When do I need denture repair?

Repair is needed when your dentures don't feel right in your mouth, or when they're shifting more often than they used to. Even if you don't see any visible cracks, breaks, or damage, there might be some unseen internal damage causing the fit issues. If you're experiencing denture issues of any kind, schedule a repair as soon as possible to preserve your dentures.

What are denture relines?

Denture relines are considered a type of denture repair. During a denture reline, the Hunter's Denture Studio team reshapes and reinforces the part of the denture base that suctions to your gums and the roof of your mouth. Your denture base and teeth are left intact in a reline, but the changes to the outer layer of the base give you a dramatically improved fit and feel.

Denture relines are a regular component of denture care because it's normal for the base to wear down over time. Also, your mouth changes as you age. As your jaw changes, so too does the fit of your dentures. Hunter's Denture Studio generally recommends having a reline performed every three to five years to keep your dentures fitting comfortably.

How long does denture repair take?

Denture repair at Hunter’s Denture Studio often takes less than a day. If you bring your dentures off in the morning (preferably before 10 a.m.), the experienced team may have them ready for you later the same day.

How can I take care of my dentures to avoid damage?

Brush your dentures every day using a soft bristle brush and use a special denture cleaning solution for deep cleaning. When brushing your dentures, do so over a soft cloth or a sink full of water to avoid the chance of dropping and breaking them.

When you’re sleeping, make sure to leave your dentures in either water or a denture cleaning solution to keep them hydrated. Always insert and remove your dentures carefully to avoid both denture and mouth tissue damage.

Use online booking or call Hunter’s Denture Studio to get denture repair now.

If your dentures don't fit right, a small crack or break in the base might be to blame. It's important to have your dentures repaired before a minor issue becomes a major problem. Bryan Hunter, LD, and the skilled denture repair team at Hunter's Denture Studio in Spokane, Washington, can repair denture-related issues, from small stress cracks to complete breakages. Book your appointment online or by phone today. One-day denture repair is available.

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