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There are two important reasons for a custom mouthguard. First, is for protection during contact sports, and the second is to protect against tooth damage due to grinding as you sleep. At Hunter’s Denture Studio in Spokane, Washington, Bryan Hunter, LD, and the team specialize in designing impeccable mouthguards. Book your visit by calling the office today.

Mouth Guards Q&A

Do I need an athletic mouthguard?

If you play sports, an athletic mouthguard, also known as a sports guard, is an important safety measure. Athletic mouthguards are essential for football and boxing, but they're also important for other sports, including karate, skating, and biking. 

Athletes participating in any sport have a higher risk of injury to their teeth. A sports guard is sometimes required as part of your uniform.

When do I need a night guard?

A night guard is needed if you grind your teeth or clench your jaw as you sleep. Chronic teeth grinding, known as bruxism, wears down the chewing surfaces of your teeth and often causes additional problems like cracked teeth and even damage to your jaw structure over time.

How are mouthguards and night guards different?

The main difference is that mouthguards cover both your teeth and gums, while night guards cover only your teeth, particularly the biting surface.

Usually, mouthguards are made from a thicker and more pliable material, since their primary role is absorbing impact while shielding your teeth. Night guards are thinner but harder so they prevent even the most aggressive teeth grinding from damaging the surfaces of your teeth.

Why do I need a custom mouthguard or night guard?

Many people wonder if a stock, one-size-fits-all mouthguard or night guard will provide adequate protection. The answer is no. The problem with these generic mouthguards and night guards is that they aren’t designed to often shift while they are worn. This shifting leaves your teeth and gums vulnerable. 

Another option that patients often ask about is the boil-and-bite mouthguard. You boil this type of mouthguard and then put it in your mouth to shape it. These mouthguards or night guards are more customized than stock versions, but they tend to lose shape quickly, which interferes with proper mouth protection.  In addition, if you bite incorrectly into the boiled mouthguard, this can cause issues. It is very important to make sure you are biting correctly when wearing this type of appliance.  

With a custom mouthguard or night guard, the Hunter's Denture Studio team uses a mold of your mouth to make the most precise protection you require. Mouthguards and night guards at Hunter's Denture Studio are crafted and adjusted by experts who focus on your comfort.

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