About Denturism


A denturist is a licensed professional that specializes in the fabrication, insertion, and adjustment of removable dental appliances. A denturist serves as an important part of the oral health care team to provide oral health exams, planning treatments, and impressions directly for patients.

While your dental provider may refer you to see a Licensed Denturist, you can also go directly to a denturist for treatment. Most denturists develop working relationships with dentists to contribute to the best dental care possible for their patients.

Denturists serve as an important part of the dental team. When you go to a denturist, you should be expected to play an involved role in the creation of your dentures or implants. Denturists use their extensive experience and training to serve patients in a one-on-one setting, allowing for a collaborative process for perfect fitting dentures. This process is time and cost-effective since most of your denturists’ work is done in-house.

Becoming a licensed denturist is not a simple process. Denturists are health professionals with specialized knowledge of oral health issues. In addition to passing a comprehensive practical and written examination, denturists often gain advanced education in microbiology, physiology, oral pathology, head and neck anatomy to best serve patients and meet their needs.

To learn more about Denturism, please refer to the National Denturist Association.


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